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Examples of conference keynote presentations: 

Addressing the impact of violence on learning: The essential skill to learn essential skills. Spirit of Community Provincial Community Knowledge Exchange, Saskatchewan Literacy Network, 2011

Women, Work and Learning: The Impact of Violence. South African Qualifications Authority, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town, February 2009.

The impact of violence on learning. Diverse Voices Family Violence conference, Edmonton, Alberta, November 2007.

The impact of violence on learning. Presentation and day-long workshop. Organized by: Literacy Alberta, Discovery House, University of Calgary, Adult Education and Health Sciences, Calgary, October, 2007.

The impact of violence on learning. Keynote, Shelter Workers’ Conference, Frontier College, Toronto, Ontario, March, 2007.

Moving beyond “stupid”: Recognizing the impact of violence on women’s learning. Invited paper presented at international seminar: Gender, education and development: Beyond access. University of East Anglia, Norwich, June, 2004.

Barriers and bridges: Paths to support learning and teaching. Keynote address and workshop, Clearing the Hurdles: Overcoming the barriers to adult learning, Quebec Association for Adult Learning, Montreal, Quebec, November 2002.

Too scared to learn: The impact of violence and abuse on girls’ and women’s learning. Public lecture and workshop. Lifelong Learning Indaba (part of the Learning Cape Festival), University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa, September 2002.

Too scared to learn: Women, violence, and learning.  Lecture, Harvard Graduate School of Education, March 2001.

Too scared to learn: What can we do to support literacy learning for all students? Keynote speech and workshop, Saskatchewan Adult Basic Education Association, Annual conference, February 2001.

Literacy learning and trauma: Exploring connections. Keynote speech and workshop International Conference on Women and Literacy, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, January 1999.

Exploring the relationship between research and practice; Curriculum development: women and technology; Theory and practice in adult education; Creating equitable practice in education: Feminist, anti-racist pedagogy.  Seminars given as Visiting Scholar, School of Education, University of South Australia, Adelaide, September – October, 1998.

“But I’m not a therapist”: Exploring borderlines and intersections between literacy and therapy.  Keynote speech and workshop, Literacy on the Line, Australian Council for Adult Literacy, 21st National Conference, Adelaide, September 1998.

Looking at violence: What does it have to do with ABE and community? Keynote speech and workshop, Iowa Adult Basic Education Institute, Iowa Department of Education, Marshalltown, July 1996.

“It must be my fault:” Some implications of women’s experiences of violence for adult literacy work.  Lecture, for James C. Hall, Jr.  Distinguished Speakers Series in Adult Learning. City University of New York, New York, June, 1995.

Violence in women’s lives: Issues for literacy practice.  Keynote Speech.  First International Conference on Women and Literacy, Center for the Study of Adult Literacy, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia. February, 1995.

Voices and visions.  Keynote speech and workshop at Voices and Visions: Alberta Association for Adult Literacy Conference, Edmonton, Alberta, November 1993.

Questioning good practice.  Keynote speech and workshop at Doing it Right – An Exploration of Good Practice, Adult Basic Association of British Columbia Conference, Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia, April, 1993.

Public presentations and seminars include:

Panel Presentation. George Brown College Mental Health Conference: Exploring Empowerment and Recovery. Toronto, March 2007.

Research in practice in Canada. Mapping the issues. Presentation and workshop. Practitioner involvement in research. National Research and Development Centre, Birkbeck College, London, January 2004.

Literacy in the Aftermath of Violence. Presentation at What Does it Mean to Read and Write Now? Living Literacies, Toronto, Ontario, November 2002.

Control, Connection and Meaning: Exploring the Impact of Violence on Learning.  Seminar at  Technikon South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa, September 2002.

Exploring the Impact of Violence on Learning: Changing Discourses, Changing Practices. Paper presented at International Conference on the Portraits of Literacy: Critical Issues in Family, Community, and School Literacies University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, July 2002.

Violence and Learning. Presentation at METRAC (metropolitan action committee on violence against women and children) Annual General Meeting, Toronto, Ontario, January 2002.

Too Scared to Learn: Women, Violence and Education. Presentation at Leftwords: Festival of Books and Ideas. Toronto, Ontario, November 2001.

Changing Educational Programs: Changing Discourses, Changing Practice. Paper presented at Trapped by Poverty, Trapped by Abuse Research Conference. Ann Arbor, Michigan, October 2001.

Too Scared to Learn: How can we support learning for all? Public presentation, Saskatchewan Adult Literacy Network, Saskatoon, February 2001.

Exploring the impact of trauma on learning. Public presentation, World Education, Boston Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts, June 2000.

Rethinking violence and learning: Moving research into practice.  Paper presented at the Adult Education Research Conference, Vancouver, June, 2000. (paper co-written with Susan Heald)

Rethinking trauma and literacy: Bridging theory and practice. Lunchtime seminar series, Centre for Research on Literacy, University of Alberta, April, 1999.

Focus on Violence.  Presentation as part of colloquium: Critical issues for women in adult ESOL, at TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Annual Convention, TESOL ’99: Avenues to Success, New York, March 1999.

But I’m not a therapist: literacy and trauma.  Presentation to staff at Victim Services, New York, New York, March 1999.

Exploring tensions and possibilities for research in practice.  Presentation at the Research in Practice SeminarLiteracy work with survivors of trauma: Creating new discourses.  Presentation as part of panel: Women’s Education: The contending discourse and possibilities for changes, CONFINTEA, Fifth International Conference on Adult Education, UNESCO, Hamburg, Germany, July 1997.

Is it her voice if she speaks their words?: Why literacy is a feminist issue.  Presentation at The National Foundation for Australian Women, National Women’s Conference, Canberra, October 1990.

Is literacy a feminist issue?  Presentations to undergraduate and graduate students in literacy teacher programs, organized by Coordinating Agency for Training Adult Literacy Personnel in Australia, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, September 1990.

Women and Literacy.  Presentation to the Adult Literacy Basic Education Unit of the Division of Further Education, Melbourne, Victoria.  September 1990.

The problem of illiteracy and the promise of literacy. Presentation at Worlds of Literacy Conference, Morecambe Bay, England, June 1990.

The Problem of illiteracy and the promise of literacy.  Presentation, International Women’s Day Forum, Canadian International Development Agency, Hull, Quebec, March 1990.

Illiteracy: Image and reality. Presentation at the Ontario Library Association Conference,Literacy Seminar, Hamilton, November 1989.

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