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I have been offering workshops through many different organizations over many years. During every incarnation I develop them further, incorporate new learning, adjust them for different populations and offer shorter and longer versions.

Now I have decided it is time to offer a selection of popular workshops in Toronto and across Canada in partnership with educational centres.

Do you run an educational centre. Do you have space for learning and violence workshops? Schedule coming soon.


1. Learning and Violence 101 
An introduction to the issues. Why you need to pay attention to this issue. Why it really isn’t as hard as you fear!

2. Digging deep to understand the research – How does violence affect learning?
Everyone is talking about the plasticity of the brain – what does this mean for teaching and learning?

3. What can we do to address the impact of violence on learning – Practical strategies
How can you support students to learn? What would your classroom, program or institution look like if you really took it on? How to make teaching and learning easier.

4. A two stage workshop process – Exploring strategies, making change, sharing the results, expanding the possiblitiies
Begin with one day and dig deep to see what makes a difference to support learning, go back to your program or institution and try it out, check in with me for support as you begin to make changes, come back together for another day to learn from each other and go further on the important elements of teaching everyone effectively

5. Taking leadership – What can you do to make change in your organization?
So you’ve begun to make changes in your own classroom. Are you ready to take on leadership? Exploring the different options of what you could do to make a difference. What are your fears and hopes? How can you address the barriers and obstacles? What would a school or college that was taking on this issue look like?

6. Do you want to teach others about this issue? – Train-the-trainer workshop
Getting ready to lead workshops, webinars, and give presentations. Exploring the possibilities and pitfalls.


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