Consulting and Mentoring

One of my favourite ways of working is to mentor educators, administrators, counsellors and others over a longer period of time. Workshops provide new information and ideas, but it is not so easy to shift practices and incorporate these ideas into our daily work on a long-term basis.

With team involvement and ongoing support deeper change can be gradually incorporated into daily practice, transform broad understandings of our work, and build lasting institutional change.

I am happy to sit down informally with individuals, or groups, face-to-face or to use Webinars, Skype, FaceTime, phone, or email to connect across distance and time.

I am eager to structure longer term collaborations which incorporate a variety of teaching moments and support and work carefully towards broader organizational and societal change.

Jennys IMG_2015Join me at the “ideas cafe” – perhaps we can meet in a real cafe – perhaps we need to meet at a virtual cafe – but either way let’s explore how I can support you to make change in your setting….

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