Research Reports/Discussion Papers

Marginalized women and apprenticeship training: investigating a high-support model. with G. Quartaro, J Kaur Bajwa, A. Willats, M. Bonisteel. Toronto: George Brown College, 2009.

I want to be free: Older women’s right to live independently with dignity. Toronto: Springtide Resources, 2006. Also on line at: Springtide Resources

The challenge to create safe learning environments for youth. Toronto: Parkdale Project Read, 2004.

Creating change in literacy programs: Talking about taking account of violence, 2001. (ERIC Document 461 077)

A framework to encourage and support practitioner involvement in adult literacy research in practice in Canada. (with Dr. Mary Norton) Ottawa: National Literacy Secretariat, February 1999.

Exploring directions for research and critical reflection on practice: The Australian example.  Ottawa: National Literacy Secretariat, January 1999.

But I’m not a therapist: Furthering discussion about literacy work with survivors of trauma.  Toronto: CCLOW, 1997. (ERIC Document 461 078)

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