Inspire Well-Being

bees on sunflower inspireAs I explore the conditions that support learning for all I have come to see the importance of holistic approaches, of creative forms of expression, of thinking broadly about how to support the well-being of educators and learners alike.

Check out Taking care of self, Helping myself learn and Helping others learn in


What do I want to do?

  • Inspire my own well-being in all dimensions
  • Support others as teachers and learners
  • Support your garden pleasure and stewardship of the land
  • Encourage your creative expression…

What have I done?

Included a focus on creating conditions for learning and self-care for the educator in all my workshops.

Designed workshops using holistic approaches to nurture the whole self and model the value of finding the wisdom of body, emotion, and spirit as well as mind.

Held creative afternoons in my studio space to create a community of play and creative exploration.

Check out the What I have done pages for more details.

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