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Can you spread the word about the issue of learning and violence? It will really make a difference if you do!

Do you work with students or clients? When they/we learn how violence has impacted learning it makes it easier to step back from self-judgement. Knowing the behaviour that they may be judged for was learned originally as brilliant survival strategies can interrupt the downward spiral of judgment. When they/we learn about simple approaches to help themselves/ourselves stay present, step out of judging, all or nothing thinking, and old patterns, then it becomes possible to explore what supports and unique approaches may increase their/our capacity to learn and change.

Are you an educator, social worker, counsellor, or front-line activist? When you and your colleagues or staff learn how violence has impacted learning and ways to address it you will find it easier to be curious, avoid labelling or judging your clients/students. This frame (instead of thinking in terms of learning disability, mental illness, or motivation etc.) makes it easier to develop and use innovative practices, to initiate new conversations with clients/students which can make a dramatic difference in their capacity to learn and change.

Do you or does your organization have a website, newsletters, events or training where you can draw attention to this issue?

Can you add a link to learningandviolence.net on your website?

Can you commission an article on this issue?

Can you print flyers to publicize the issue and learningandviolence.net at your events?

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