Women’s Creative Afternoons

Creative Afternoons at Spiral Community Studio

1:00 to 5:00 once a month on a Saturday afternoon.

 This is a space to explore creating in a relaxed atmosphere with other women. Play with any craft or art that draws your interest.


You might want to:

  • work on a project of your own – one of those things that just doesn’t quite done in the daily busyness off life, or that needs messy space, conversation, or a little bit of inspiration from others to help get started or to unblock from a stuck place.
  • explore any art or craft – bring any supplies you want to try out and perhaps are also willing to share….. (broken pottery,china and glass is always welcome – and you can add other supplies to my growing collection if you choose!)
  • play with the supplies I have here, or that others bring, eg. Mosaic supplies, bases and tools, Papers and magazines for collage, computers with photoshop and Lightroom, an amazing photo printer, an engraving tool, felting tools, papers for card making, lots of white damask napkins for dyeing or painting, and goodness knows what else….
  • or if you’re not quite ready to begin just hang out and visit and imagine what you might create next time..

Getting started:  

I am happy to help you find tools and materials and get started, and anyone who’s been here awhile also knows lots about what is where. If you think you want help please be sure to arrive on time – after that I may be too absorbed in my own play to help!

You need shoes or slippers for the basement – as the floor is concrete and there is always the risk of mosaic pieces on the floor. I have a few pairs of crocs for anyone to use and lots of pairs of big socks if you’re chilly – just help yourself and return them to the basket.


At the end please make sure you leave yourself enough time to clean up your own mess. (You would be amazed what I find after everyone has gone!) There is a vacuum cleaner in the basement walk in closet along with a broom and dustpan to help you.

You can have a small bin for your projects as long as you plan to come regularly. You can only leave large projects on the go, such as furniture, here if it doesn’t get in the way and you plan on working on it regularly! If you would like to use the space in between creative afternoons to move a project along do talk to me – it can often work!

Please stay for a few minutes one afternoon in the year to help me clean up – load the dishwasher and put away food! Thanks.


You have many choices:

  • basement space perfect for mosaic, wet felting, painting, or anything else messy. There’s a floor drain and we can always roll up a rug – so imagine anything as messy as you like
  • dining room to spread out a not so messy craft at a big table,
  • living room perfect for knitting, sewing, needle felting etc. in front of the fire,
  • a small meditation room if you want peace and quiet while you centre yourself, plan, or create.

When the weather permits there’s also a small cool and shady backyard – the mosaic crew often move out there – and even a little more space in the front yard and porch if you want a different point of view! You can choose the spot that suits you knowing others are exploring throughout the house and garden…..


  1. yourself and any supplies you need
  2. a snack to share (you can help yourself to tea and snacks whenever you choose – if you like milk or cream in tea/coffee please bring that)
  3. your own lunch to get you started if you haven’t had a chance to eat before you get here…
  4. your willingness to play and create, and to help others when they ask for ideas and information on how to do something….
  5. Please try to leave your judgment at home – especially criticism of yourself and your ability to create. We are all creative beings when we have the permission to play, and discover mediums we can express ourselves in…… Come and find out…


There is no charge for attending these afternoons but there is a box for financial contributions. Please help me cover the cost of tea and other basics, and keep the place stocked with creative supplies with a small donation if you can.

If you use things that I bought please be sure to put a little in the box.


Please let me know each month if you plan to attend and if possible what room you expect to work in, so that i can ensure the numbers work in the space.

If I don’t hear from you or see you for 3 months I will drop you off the list. If you want to get back on the list just send me a note.

New Participants:

You are welcome to invite other women you think would enjoy this creative space. Please give them the link to this information. Then if they are interested please ask them to email me directly so that I can add them to my monthly reminders. (I won’t add them to my list until I hear from them!)


We set the dates for the next year at our December gathering – and share a pot luck dinner after our usual crafting afternoon so that we have time to talk about what is working or not  for us, and generate ideas and workshop plans for next year.

If you want input into the dates be sure to come that afternoon!

“Each of us is an artist of our days; the greater our integrity and awareness, the more original and creative our days will become.” John O’Donohue

contact me by email if you’re interested in attending or learning more.