Join me

I am always eager to find organizations and individuals who want to move the issue of the impact of violence on learning and how to address it out into the world. Will you join me in that dream?

What time, energy and interest do you have for this issue? How is it connected to your work or the work of your organization?

How will you (or do you) promote the issue in your organization, on your website, in your newsletters, at your events?

Would you like support in taking on this issue? I am available to offer:

  • presentations
  • workshops
  • courses….
  • online and face-to-face mentoring
  • consultation

and I hope to find allies who want to develop projects together…..

and funds to reach farther and deeper to address the impact of violence on learning.

Email or call me if you are interested in joining with me in any way – please contact me 

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